Who am I?

      1. 35 years of teaching, training, facilitating, coaching and mentoring
      2. Broke “glass ceiling” as first American and first woman to trade Japanese Yen for Japanese bank
      3. Created training curriculum, implementation, and facilitation of Mysis products for customers (largest banks, corporations, and investment houses)
      4. As global Product manager, facilitate the implementation (and training) of Citibank’s PO2 platform into more than 50 branches globally
      5. Every position, I became the “on-boarding" expert and helped new employees acclimate quickly
      6. 11+ years of Business and Executive coaching training and facilitation
      7. 10+ years of helping businesses create processes and programs that engage employees and customers alike
      8. Have positively and profitably impacted more than 9,300 businesses world-wide to date
      9. Continue my own training, development and growth consistently

Believe that as times become more uncertain, corporations will need to shift how things have been done in order to not just survive but thrive  - enabling all their employees, as well as the customers they serve, to thrive as a result.

I would like to thank you for the dramatic success that you have created for my business in the last 18 months. I have gone from considering closing my business to astounding my competitors

Michael Morbillo, President, Enspire Design Group, PLLC

I want to thank you for all your help and support. Working with you has been FANTASTIC! Year to date my business is up 46% over last year’s production.

John Holst, AVP, Merrill Lynch